The Library is checking out books/media!
Here’s how to reserve your books or DVDs:
  1. Select your books/media by clicking on the graphic below.
  2. Books/media can then be reserved one of two ways—there is a bookbag and reserve tab on the website or you can email us at with your name, the name of the book, the author’s name, and the call number as it appears on the website.
  3. On Monday mornings, we will check the system and our email and check out any items you have reserved.
  4. Those items will be left at the receptionist’s desk in the office area on Monday afternoon for you to pick up (during office hours) at your convenience.
  5. Books can be returned at the Library drop box during the week or at a box by the sofa in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.
Most weeks, we will be featuring in the weekly e-newsletter a book that is new or one that has been popular in the past. Please email us with any questions!
Your South Gate Library Team