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Access ACS is available for South Gate members and active attenders.

With it, you can:

-Look up contact information for other church members & active attenders

-Update your own contact information (address, phone, & email)

-Upload a picture of yourself and/or your family (If you don’t have a current picture to upload, contact the church office about having a picture taken.)

-View your giving history & progress on pledges you’ve made

-You can use Access ACS either on your phone or tablet (with a free app), or on your computer

Here are step-by-step directions to set up your account:

Access ACS Member Sign-up

1) Click on Login Button at top. 2) Look for “Need a login? Click here,” and then click it (green lettering). 3) Enter your email address, First Name, & Last Name 4) Click on [Find Me] (blue button)

5) You will be sent an email to verify your account. The email contains your user name (FirstnameLastname). There is a link in this email to click to set your password. Enter your password twice, and then click [Sign In]
1) If the system doesn’t find you, it means that we do not have your current email. Email either Sharon Andrews (Email Sharon) or Charlene Anderson (Email Charlene) with your current email.

2) If you need help setting up your account or using it, contact Sharon or Charlene at the church office. (417-886-3851) 
To use on your phone or tablet:
1) Go to the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Google/Android)
2) Search for the free app: Church Life
3) Log in with your email & the password you created.
4) You may look up member contact information.
5) From the mobile app, you may update your address & phone number. (A request is sent that will be approved to take effect.)
To use on your computer:
1) Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Firefox 10.0 or higher, or Safari 5.0 or higher.
2) Go to and log in with your email & the password you created.
3) To look up a member: In the search box, type name and click on [search] button
4) To upload a picture: click on [My Profile] then [Edit] then [Personal Photo]. Upload photo, preview if desired, then choose [Save]
5) To upload a family picture, click on [Family Info] and then [Family Photo].  Upload photo, preview if desired, then choose [Save]